2020 Street Car Challenge

Final Standings  

1. Nathen Shaw
2. Derek Hurd
3. Don Henrichs
4. Shane Vinje
5. Phillip Campbell
6. Dave Weyland
7. Brent Lundquist
8. Garrett Carlson
9. Al Kasper
10. Eric Dunn
11. Jake Henrichs
12. Stacy Shaw
13. Travis Larson



2019 Street Car Challenge   

update 10/1/19

1. Derek Hurd
2. Brent Lundquist
3. Craig Genzler
4. Stuart Margraves
5. Shane Vinje
6. Don Henrichs
7. Jesse Gese
8. Stacy Shaw
9. Steve Sargent
10. Steve Thiele
11. Randy Linkert
12. Dave Weyland
13. Garrett Carlson
14. Sam Scalzo
15. Aaron Johnson
16. Travis Larson
17. Phillip Campbell
18. Mark Gjavenis


2018 Street Car Challenge FINAL  

update 9/30/18

1. Marcus Busse
2. Derek Hurd
3. Brent Lundquist
4. Craig Genzler
5. Stuart Margraves
6. Randy Linkert
7. Stacy Shaw
8. Shane Vinje
9. Jesse Geese
10. Zach GTR
11. Don Henrichs
12. Dave Weyland
13. Sam Scalzo
14. Phillip Campbell

15. Mark Gjavenis
16. Aaron Johnson

17. Sarge

18. Travis Larson

19. Nathan Shaw



Here's how it works. All members are encouraged to participate. Contest is to see who can throw down the best 0-60mph times on the street and hold the title of quickest street car. Rules will be set to keep as fair as possible and judgement calls to be made by the Official Time Keeper, here they are:


1. Must be HHCC member to participate.

2. Enter as many times as you like.

3. Driver takes all responsibility for actions of contest.

4. Vehicle used must be owned by the driver.

5. Driver can choose the road used as long as OK'd by the Official Time Keeper.

6. Rankings will be posted during contest, but times will be kept confidential at least until contest has ended. (Driver will be told their time but only their ranking will be posted.)

7. During contest, the same timer will be used for all vehicles, no exceptions. If timer needs to be replaced the Official Time Keeper will verify accuracy of the new timer to be within acceptable limits of the old timer or contest will end and new one will begin.

8. Driver is responsible for scheduling a timing with the Official Time Keeper.

9. If a driver attempts something that is not forbidden in the rules currently and is determined to be "illegal" for the contest, a new rule will be instated but that run will count. (Drivers are encouraged to use their imaginations.)

10. The Official Time Keeper for this contest wil be Derek Hurd.

11. Traction compound is strictly prohibited.

12. Must have working cigarette lighter or power point socket.

13. Seat belts required.


Contest will go each year from April 1st - September 30th with prize(s) (to be determined) going to the winner(s) each year. If you have a question about a rule, contact the Official Time Keeper for clarification. We hope this will promote friendly competition within the club and encourage all members to better their performance.

2017 Street Car Challenge Final 

update 10/13/17

1. Nathan Shaw - 1971 Nova  

2. Derek Hurd - 1967 Firebird  

3. Don Henrichs - 1970 Nova  

4. Craig Genzler - 1966 Nova  

5. Brent Lundquist - 19 72 Chevelle  

6. Randy Linkert - 1976 Vega  

7. Jason Swanson - 1979 Monte Carlo 

8. Dave Weyland - 1965 Chevelle  

9. Tim Brunner - 2015  Camaro  

10. Sarge - 1972  ElCamino  
11. Aaron Johnson - 2001  Firebird  
12. Phillip Campbell - 2007  Mustang GT  

13. Garrett Carlson - 1969  CST-10  

14. Joe Klein - 1965 Chevelle 454 
15. Mark Gjavenis - 1965  Chevelle  

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